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If Chuck Zweber were on Amazon, he’d get a 99% approval rating. The only reason I didn’t say 100% is that I was afraid people would think I was exaggerating. Why am I so full of praise? One, Chuck gave my wife and me the lowest bid. Two, Chuck finished the job on budget. Three, Chuck did an excellent job, confirmed by a contractor friend of mine. Four, Chuck showed up when he said he would, no small achievement nowadays. Five, Chuck kept me posted on all the latest developments by email of phone, sometimes two or three times a day on the most crucial phases, and always responded promptly to any questions or concerns I might have had. Six, though he couldn’t guarantee this, I’d just like to note that he finished out project three weeks earlier than he estimated. I knoestly don’t see how Chuck could have done it all any better than he did. In a word, as far as I am concerned, Chuck Zweber is the golden standard for one-man contracting, and I would gladly recommend him to anyone who wanted fine work done for a very fair price.

Ed Olsen - for the Baird House Project in SW Portland